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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Benefits of Tomato Paste

Did you know that tomato paste has been shown to have a positive effect in dogs as well as humans when it comes to taking steps towards preventing cancer?  Lycopene which gives tomatoes their fabulous red color is an antioxidant, which appears to prevent the formation of harmful by-products of metabolism called free radicals.  Free radicals are harmful to body cells, as well as genetic makeup, leading to certain chronic diseases like cancer.  So why is tomato paste more beneficial than fresh tomatoes?  When a tomato is cooked the heat liberates three times more lycopene from the plants tissue...isn't that great!  There is one extra step, since lycopene is a lipid remember to consume with organic olive oil for better absorption.

While tomato paste is a great way to get this wonderful antioxidant to your dog via a treat DO NOT let your dog eat tomato plants!  The green part of a tomato plant is considered poisonous to pooches and can cause abnormal behavior, clumsiness, diarrhea, dilated pupils, drowsiness, excessive salivating, fatigue, loss of appetite, slow heartbeat, vomiting, and weakness.

Happy treating!

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