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Friday, April 9, 2010

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When you first see this blog you might ask yourself, "Why should I visit Little B's Blog on a daily basis?" Well I will tell you. It is my hope that this blog will one day be the place you go to brush up on all kinds of dog related news. Starting Monday you can expect the following topics to be discussed:

Mondays - What's new with Little B's Organic Dog Treats?

This is when I will catch you all up on the latest and greatest in the development of our products and company.

Tuesdays - Products

Outside of dog treats there are so many amazing new and interesting products just waiting to be discovered to help better your life and your pooches. I will share with you all of my latest findings and encourage you to share your favorites as well.

Wednesdays - Health

(Wo)Man's best friend deserves the best treatment (s)he can get after all of the unconditional love they throw our way. Here is where I will discuss things we can do to help them live a long and healthy life.

Thursdays - Activities

Dogs are amazing and always down for a good time and Thursdays will be the day to get inspired about what fun adventure you and your dog will go on! Will it be a hike followed by a swim? Will it be a relaxing day at a cafe? The sky is the limit so go out and explore!

Fridays - Interest Stories

TGIF! What a better way to start the weekend then by reading a fun and inspirational story about our 4 legged friends. I encourage you to send in any photos and stories that you would like to share :)

I look forward to sharing all that I know with you, thank you for reading. Have an amazing weekend!

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