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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crissy Field Park - Off Leash!

I thought a great place start the activities section of this blog is one of our favorite places to take Braddock, Crissy Field Park, located at 603 Mason St. located in the Marina/Presidio area.  This is a wonderful place to take your pooch to frolic in the sand and surf while enjoying some amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the San Francisco bay.  Off leash areas include the beaches along the waterfront and the large flat grassy field behind them.  If you want to venture to the West beach closest to Fort Point you will need to have your dog on leash and remember to avoid the fenced restoration zones and the lagoon area.

Braddock loves the wading pools as they are shallow enough for him to run through and roll around in without sinking (see pic).  There is nothing better than to see the excitement on his face when you take his leash off, present the huge beach to him and say, "Go Get It!".    He is also a huge fan of playing in the waves.  Can he swim...no...but does he love to get in up to his shoulders...heck yeah!

This is a very popular beach with many dogs to play with or just to dog watch.  It can get windy in the afternoon so remember to layer your clothing.  With the wind comes the wind surfers, kite boarders, and sail boats which adds to the charm.  There is plenty of great parking, a nice bathroom, and an area to wash the sand off and even BBQ.  Remember to pick up after your dog to ensure these places remain dog friendly and enjoy this beautiful city we live in!

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  1. More pic's of B... he looks so happy in the water. Isn't life with a bulldog just the BEST!!!!! Smooches B-man! I wished you lived on the east coast so you and Sanford could play together. xo, Trish & Sanford