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Friday, April 23, 2010

Meatball is King!

You heard me, Meatball has been crowned "Beautiful Bulldog" at the 31st annual Beautiful Bulldog pageant in Des Moines, Iowa.  As the bearer of the crown and cape he is the official mascot for the 101st Drake Relays track and field event at Drake University held on April 21st.

There are 50 coveted slots in this competition that were filled in 22 hours!  I so wish I could have been there to see this event.  As a first time owner of an English Bulldog I have gained a new found appreciation for this wonderful breed.  I had no idea how silly, sweet, and hilarious they are.  One of my favorite things that Braddock does is stick out his tongue like in the picture below of the cheerleaders.  I'm not sure if his tongue is to big for his mouth or if it's just more comfortable, especially when he is in a deep sleep, either way it sticks straight out and it's adorable.  Now imagine a room full of 50 of these cuties doing the same thing!  LOVE IT!

Congratulations Meatball!

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