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Friday, August 20, 2010

Vacay with The Black Dog

I will be shutting down my computer for a while as I fly the friendly skies to visit my new family and friends on the East Coast.  While I am there a trip to "The Vineyard" is planned where a definite visit to The Black Dog Tavern will be made.  What is The Black Dog Tavern you ask?  Well to make a long story short it is a restaurant named after Robert Douglas' dog named The Black Dog after the character in Robert Lewis Stevenson's "Treasure Island".  This dog sailed with Robert for years and become a welcome wagon of sorts for Captains and sailor's visiting The Vineyard.  After living on the island for a while and being sick and tired of having no options for food outside of his own kitchen in the months that followed the business that summer brought, Robert decided to open up his own place.  And so, on New Year's Day in 1971 the Black Dog Tavern opened and has been a staple for residents and visitors alike ever since.

Today, the chefs of The Black Dog are eager to share their passionate culinary creations with you. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are currently served for locals and travelers alike. The Black Dog is known for its menu, desserts and atmosphere, as well as the view of the harbor and its sailing vessels.

The brand has grown into The Black Dog Cafe, The Black Dog Bakery, The Black Dog Store, and even Black Dog Wedding Cakes!  You can find a bunch of cute items for your pooches as well, like Mint Tennis Balls, Doggie Water Bottles, and Sporty Mesh Collars!

Don't miss me too much while I'm gone!

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