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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Great Review from New Age Mama

Not only did we just get back from a great vacation with the East Coast family, but what do I find in my inbox?  Another great review from a blogger known as the New Age Mama!  I was pleased to hear that her finicky furbaby "gobbled down the adorable little heart shaped treats as soon as I handed them to her".  It also gave me a chuckle when she said, "Little B's treats come in fun and unique flavors like veggie parm and pumpkin flax. They look so good my kids thought they were candy and almost ate a few themselves." 

Just remember these are human quality treats, so if you want to take a bite go ahead :)

Laura Lowe Deluca, mother of 3 and dog owner, is based out of New Jersey and is the brain behind this blog that is solely focused on reviewing products for children, babies and parents.  Not only does she do product reviews, but you can also find great giveaways, freebies and contests that you can participate in.

Happy to be back!

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