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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Winnie the Pooh Would Be Proud!

Doggie Birthday Cakes and parties are all the rage now and I am totally on this band wagon.  Let's be honest, they are our furbabies and we want nothing but the best for them, so of course when their big B-day comes around we want to celebrate so we get them a cake!!!  One thing to be careful of is the sugar content. 

According to Dr. Michael Fox, formerly chief vet at the Humane Society says: "Processed carbohydrates cause a periodic sugar rush every time your dog eats it.  This damages the liver and the pancreas, resulting in the conversion of sugar into body fat.  The sugar rush and insulin surge (until the pancreas becomes exhausted) make many dogs constantly hungry, so they quickly become obese.  Animals who become overweight primarily as a result of the kinds of manufactured foods they are fed, rather than simply being over-fed and under-exercised, are likely to develop a host of health problems like diabetes, arthritis, skin disease, chronic inflammations, and infections like cystitis, gingivitis, and otitis, heart and liver disease, and cancer."

So instead make sure the cake is made with an all natural sweetener like organic honey which is more easily digestible and has many health benefits.  Your dogs will love the taste and you will feel good about giving them a healthy treat to make the day special.

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