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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dura Doggie™ Disc

Fetch Toy - Water Bowl - Chew Toy... ALL IN ONE!

The story behind this product is great.  Remember those classes you had to take where you were paired in a group and had to come up with a new product to present to your class?  Well that is where the Dura Doggie™ Disc was born.  Three students at the University of California at Santa Barbara did just this and the class was so won over by what they had created they decided to make their fake product a reality...and the rest as they say is history.

Great for on-the-go, the Dura Doggie™ Disc doubles as a fetch toy and water bowl. This award winning toy is made out of nylon sandwiched between two layers of natural rubber, making it extremely durable. The nylon gives the disc its unparalleled strength, while the rubber helps maintain the disc’s shape. A great toy for your everyday dog!  The disc comes in two sizes, the Dura Doggie™ Disc for medium to large dogs and the Dura Doggie™ Petite for puppies and small dogs.
What a great toy to bring to the 4th of July picnic or BBQ you're attending this weekend.  Think about how much smaller your doggie diaper bag will be!

Not only is this product great, but the company gives back as one disc for every ten sold is donated to an organization helping dogs!

And if (you or) your dog chews up a Dura Doggie™ product in 30 days or less, they will send you a new, one time replacement, FREE of charge.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Michelle,

    Great Story. The team at Dura Doggie really appreciate it :)

    Keep a look out for us in the near future.


    -Raad Mobrem
    President, Dura Doggie