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Friday, May 28, 2010

Surfer Dude or Surfer Dog?

Dogs from around the country took part in this SoCal competition that has been going strong for 5 years, which also served as a fundraiser for the San Diego Police Department's canine unit.  Each dog had 10 minutes to show its stuff while judges noted the length of the dog's ride, its confidence and whether or not it could "grip it and rip it."   Fear not, animal lovers. The dogs were equipped with special harnesses and flotation devices so their owners can keep them safe.  There were three different heats for these 65 dogs to compete in: small dogs, large dogs and tandem and the breeds ranged from 5-pound Pomeranians to 85-pound Bernese Mountain Dogs.  The Surf Dog Competition is an extension of Loews Hotels’ Loews Loves Pets program and has become a successful fundraiser for local pet-related charities.

Braddock let's go get your life vest and "Hang 20"!

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