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Friday, May 7, 2010

Nice Day for a White Wedding

When Kathryn Kalabokes of Dream a Little Dream Events posted these wonderful photos of a wedding she planned I had to include them in Little B's Blog as well!  Anna Kuperberg is the creative genius behind these gorgeous pictures and really captured the sweet relationship between Tina, Stephen, and their dogs.  I loved how personal it made the event feel by including them.  The location was the beautiful Hotel Vitale which is a dog friendly hotel and a big part of why the couple chose it.  Apparently the cute little white pooch's favorite part of the whole event was his/her mama's wedding dress which was used as a relaxation bed a few times...why not!  It's so cute how the dogs' neck decor also matched the brides' shoes and flowers!  Great attention to detail :) 

I personally toyed with idea of training my parents dog Conner to walk down the aisle at our wedding as a ring bearer with the rings attached to a pillow attached to his collar, but we all decided that would never happen as he would take 30 minutes to get down the aisle after saying hello to everyone.  The image will always exist in my mind though :)

Have an amazing weekend!

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