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Thursday, May 13, 2010

San Francisco English Bulldog Meetup

We are so excited for our first Bulldog Monthly Meetup this Saturday May 15th, 11 am at Crissy Field. The San Francisco English Bulldog Meetup Group was founded in February 2003 and has held 76 meet ups to date and have 754 Bulldoggers as members.

Braddock is healing well from his surgery and ready to get out of the house and play! I have heard of these meet ups but not been to one yet. After looking at all of the pictures posted on the Meetup site it looks like it will be an amazing time. This is such a great idea, Crissy Field is a great place for dogs to begin with, but adding a bunch of Bulldogs playing in the surf and sand makes it that much better. I'm going to have to tie a ribbon or some kind of identifier to him so I don’t lose him in the huddled Bdog masses. He is going to be so excited to make new friends!

Here are some shots taken from the last meet up by Alessandro DeSogos from Doggie Portrait, aren't they so frickin cute!  This photographer really gets on their level and captures the moment so well.  You should check out the website as the shots are gorgeous!

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