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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rafting on the Russian

When it gets hot I like to get wet and so does Little B.  A fun way to accomplish this is by rafting in Healdsburg on the Russian River with Russian River Adventures!  Enjoy a leisurely day on the water in a SOAR inflatable canoe with your pooch as this company is 100% dog friendly.  They boast that they put you on the most secluded section of the Russian River and never put in more than 40 canoes in a day, so overcrowding is not an issue.  There are plenty of fun swimming holes, rope swings, and some great turtle sightings!  When you are finished with your trip there is a return shuttle for your convenience :)

Remember to bring cool water for your dog to drink and a pet life jacket if your dog needs help swimming (like Braddock).  For extra savings become a Goldstar member and save 50% off the ticket price!  

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