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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keep those nails trimmed!

I have quickly learned that although clipping your dog’s nails is not fun it is definitely necessary to keep up on. For me it was hard to really know where the quick was and then even harder to get Braddock to sit still. So I did my best, but that just wasn't good enough as I soon learned that long nails aren't just an eye sore but a health hazard. The first instance was when he ran across the street dragging a table behind him, oh boy! This little incident resulted in two broken toe nails…ouch. The second was when he began to pop up on the side of our bed to say hello. Once he was done, instead of pushing himself off he would slide down the side, one time resulting in his nail getting caught on the side board of our bed resulting in a pulled toe...bummer!  He has heeled from all of these ouches beautifully but I would like to avoid this from happening again.

I have tried the PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer but his nails are similar to Jim Carrey's in Dumb and Dumber so it takes a long time to produce any results. The standard nail clipper works the most efficiently but it was still hard to tell how far was too far. I then tried a little trick that has been very helpful, I use a flashlight! That's right, I shine a flashlight behind his nail and I can see the quick clearly! He still will only let me cut 2 or 3 at a time but at least it gets done.

So keep those pawdicures up and your pets feet happy :)

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