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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No Backyard No Problem!

For those of you living without a backyard this is your answer to the problem of "I want a dog but I don't have a backyard." The Porch Potty is awesome and it has saved our lives! I discovered this years ago while looking through one of those Sky Mall catalogs on the plane and never forgot it. I always thought it was a great idea...but does it really work? Yes it does!

It is basically a shower tub with drainage groves and a patch of synthetic grass made from waterproof nylon strands and a durable latex backing so the grass will not retain moisture. From there you wash everything down with water regularly where it all flushes out a flexible hose and into a nearby drain or in an indoor catch basin if you choose to use it inside. You can buy it with a built in sprinkler system and timer or you can buy a watering can and wash it off yourself. I recommend doing this after every use. There are two sizes, large and small, and even training sod to help your pup get accustomed to it if they are not taking to the synthetic grass at first.

This product is fabulous!

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